Sunday, February 15, 2009

Lose Weight & Shape Up - Just 10 Minutes Each Day!

Do you have extra weight on your body? Do you want to look as smart as in your teenage but want to do so without making the gym a part of your life? If yes, then this is the place for you. All you need to do is devote quarter of an hour to your body and you will be the talk of the town in no time.

The extra weight that most people have is mostly fat. To lose fat, all that you need is to burn excess calories. The deal with calories is that if you burn more calories than your intake of calories, you start losing weight. The following exercises would make you lose 150 calories a day in just ten minutes!

Begin with the Jump Rope, and do this for the first two minutes. While jumping, make sure to land on your toes and not on your heels. Jump twice for each turn, and keep in mind that you are losing weight throughout.

Next, do the squats-pushup. Stand with your feet about shoulder width apart with arms hanging by your sides. Slowly squat down with your head and hands moving forward. When you reach the floor, push your legs back and assume the position of pushup. Then do a pushup, resume back to your squat position and stand up. Do this for the next sixty seconds and keep thinking: you are getting slimmer and smarter.

The exercises that follow require sixty seconds each. Have the same thought in mind as with the above two: the fat depots are melting! First, do the Jump Rope again, but this time jump once per turn. Next do the squat-pushup again but this time after completing the squat-pushup cycle, lift and rotate your left arm and rotate your left foot and bring it on top of you right foot. Then rotate your neck, look up at the ceiling and rotate back to the center. Do the same for the other side. Now hop back into your squat position and stand up again. The blubber is thinning.

Do the jump rope next, with one jump per each turn of the rope. Now that you have reached your sixth minute, the squat-pushup comes next. This time after doing the pushup part, lift one foot at a time about 1 feet above the ground for both feet. Now turn back to your squat position and stand up. Wish farewell to the extra weight around your abdomen!

Follow again with the jump rope for the next minute. Repeat the squat-pushups, but this time, after the pushups perform five jogs from your pushup position, bringing your knees up to your chest. Repeat with the jump rope yet again, this time with two jumps for each turn of the rope.
It is highly recommended that you use gym mat or some soft padding, as it prevents injuries. Follow the routine, and have good luck Shaping up!

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